Play Animal Jam With Ease And Safety

animal jam tips

Safety for any individual is important. That safety might be in the real and personal front as well as the virtual world. WildWorks latest launch Animal Jam is a game that has been introduced in the market for children primarily. Since its primary players are children, the makers have put extra control effort to ensure that all the players, both adult, as well as children, are not exposed to any unmannerly experience. I, for one can vouch for the said effort. There were strict privacy guidelines I had to abide by through the span of the game.

The game has a parental option which I presume is the easier regulation of the parents towards keeping a tab on the online activity of their wards. The parents have a separate dashboard that is linked to their child’s account. This helps them keep a control on the type of interaction that is happening between the players throughout the game.  There, however, are different players, from different background who do not value abiding by norms essentially. If these players get too unruly, blocking them is a viable option. I remember blocking a player who was coaxing me into an unfair trade in animal jam diamond codes. The moderators are strict disciplinarians and take immediate actions against the said abusers.

I being an adult did not require an adult guidance. However, tackling with negative players turned out to be quite an experience. Animal Jam has been one of the leading games played online. Many players, to get to the top often resort to negative means and bully other players to do the same. In the event, someone comes across such bullies, blocking and reporting them is crucial so that necessary action can be taken against them.  The game requires interaction with other players. These interactions are done through messages which can be regulated in the settings.

The messages that are exchanged between the players follow a set format. The players can either opt for sending pre-inscribed messages or type messages by using the words and phrases that have already been saved in the game dictionary. There is also a free message option that I preferred. This message also has chat filters that allow the moderators to scan through the content sent through the messages. Animal Jam as a game is preferable by all ages. At the very beginning of the game, I had to make an account and then create an avatar that would be played on my behalf.

The game has a certain engaging quality about itself. I had to continuously try to visit the different land and complete adventures successfully to collect gems and progress through the game. The game takes place in the virtual land of Jamaa. One of the highlights of the game according to me was its inclusion of environmental facts and videos. The game always strived to be educational and entertaining at the same time. It managed to do all that with finesse. The videos and facts highlighted in the game even led me to unearthing new information about the ecosystem and how to treat it better. I could also save the events and videos in an even of viewing them later again.